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At the heart of the Center for Patient Partnerships is the core belief that health care is about people—people striving to be healthy and all those who help achieve that goal. Twenty-five years ago Meg Gaines faced her own life-threatening battle with cancer and in partnership with exceptional providers, family and friends, she survived. Her experience gave birth to the Center.

Meg Gaines
Meg Gaines

Upon her retirement, we celebrate Meg’s leadership in patient advocacy and invite you to help us carry on her legacy. To honor our visionary founder we have created a special Innovation Fund to ensure that our work continues with the same spirit Meg brought to it. Please help us celebrate Meg’s many contributions by making a donation to the Innovation Fund today.

Innovation is at the core of the Center for Patient Partnership’s mission. What began as a bold idea has grown into a formidable force for patients. The funds raised will ensure that we continue to drive authentic patient-centered reforms—reframing how health care is taught, practiced, regulated, and funded. With your help, we continue to be a strong and courageous voice for all people seeking a healthy future, through a strategic combination of education, research, system change efforts, and individual advocacy. This need is as urgent now as ever.

For 20 years the Center has amplified patients’ voices so that change is grounded in the experiences of patients themselves. Continuing Meg’s legacy of bold innovation requires courage and independence. Your gift helps build the financial security we need to advocate for real change and hold sacred space with patients.

Join us in honoring Meg and fueling innovation. Every dollar makes a difference.