Research adds insights in 2020

[This will feature a post on recent research and implications]

Engaging Patients in Primary Care Quality Improvement Initiatives: Facilitators and Barriers. Am.  J. of Medical Quality, April 2019.

Measuring impact of adding narrative questions to standardized surveys at New York Presbyterian Hospital System. Preliminary Findings: Frequency of useful comments is correlated with:


  • How actionable for quality improvement
  • Confidence in understanding of patients and practice performanceDecreased burnout and increased job satisfaction

Learning from patients’ and families’ experiences with Cystic Fibrosis by analyzing qualitative responses on their Patient and Family Experience of Care national survey

  • Project results (see next slide) include insights about MATCHED and MISMATCHED aspects of care, as described by patients, in 5 domains:
      • Communication Style
      • Provider Attributes
      • Quality of Relationships
      • Shared Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
      • Individualization of Care/Treatment