Davis, Sarah

For 15 years I have been teaching and advocating for health justice at the Center for Patient Partnerships, and am thrilled to be co-director with Jill Jacklitz. I love to teach about system-level advocacy at the policy and organizational levels, and systems thinking. 

Grob, Rachel

Rachel Grob, M.A., Ph.D., is Director of National Initiatives and Associate Clinical Professor at the Center for Patient Partnerships. She is also Senior Scientist in the School of Medicine and Public Health’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. She is a sociologist whose career, both inside and outside academia, has been devoted to investigating patients’ experiences with health and health care, and to involving them in the discourse, policy processes and institutional arrangements which impact that care.

Jacklitz, Jill

Jill serves as the Center’s Co- Director and Director of Education, leading our educational program-building, curriculum development, and course offerings. Jill’s approach is informed by direct experiences advocating, through legislative and organizational change, for patients facing barriers to health care access.