Jake Nitzkin

Position title: Research Assistant

Email: jakenitzkin@patientpartnerships.org

Picture of Jake Nitzkin

Jake contributes to the activities of the National Initiatives research team at the Center for Patient Partnerships as an Associate Research Specialist. Currently, he is working on projects that focus on capturing the breadth of experiences that individuals may have while living with a particular health condition. Additionally, Jake is collaborating with a team of individuals from Universities throughout the country to establish a digital presence for the Health Experiences Research Network (HERN).

As an undergraduate student at Michigan State University, Jake established the Bedside DJ Volunteer Program at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan, which teaches volunteers to provide comfort for patients by sharing music at their request and spending extended periods of time with them. He currently coordinates Bedside DJ Volunteer Programs locally at UW Health and Meriter Hospital and provides consultation for Bedside DJ Volunteer Programs in Michigan. His experiences serving patients as a Bedside DJ Volunteer inspired him to work alongside those that recognize the importance of honoring and researching patient experiences to inform positive health provider and policy changes. He intends to pursue an advanced degree in Public Health.