Patient advocacy services

Apply for advocacy services

Through our advocacy services, graduate and professional Student Advocates partner with patients and families experiencing life changing health events to find and shape the care they need. Advocates can help with things like:

  • Understanding a diagnosis
  • Seeking second opinions
  • Clarifying treatment options
  • Negotiating insurance coverage
  • Navigating insurance appeals
  • Identifying financing options
  • Managing medical debt
  • Boosting care coordination
  • Communicating with providers, insurers, family members, and others

“We help people with life changing health events get the care they need and find their way while the storm is raging outside.”

-Meg Gaines, Founder

Our advocacy process

1. Contact us

You contact the Center because you or someone you know faces a life changing health event. Or you complete the online application form, below.

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2. We reach out to you and learn more about your needs

A student patient advocate will contact you to schedule a telephone appointment, usually within two or three business days. Plan for a 30-45 minute call. On the phone, we’ll identify key issues and whether our advocacy services are a good fit.

on a call

3. We establish an advocacy relationship

If we mutually agree that our advocacy services would be a good fit, you would be paired with a student advocate pr team, who will usually work with you on a longer-term basis. Our advocacy relationships generally last between three to five months.

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4. We help you reach your goals

We close a case when our role has been fulfilled, all advocacy avenues have been exhausted, or when you have resolved the issues you called on us to help you with.

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