Lane Hanson

Position title: Community Engagement Coordinator


Picture of Lane Hanson

Lane Hanson is the Child Advocacy Project Coordinator for the Center. This role includes coordinating the resource navigation project under the ACTIVATE initiative. With a background in social work and education policy, Lane’s work is informed through a social justice lens. Lane developed the desire to enact change within healthcare systems, in order to empower patients and their families, as a result of personal and professional experiences within these systems. Informed by the social work perspective, Lane applies a strengths-based approach in addressing social determinants of health, recognizing the importance of developing resiliency and emphasizing protective factors.

Lane graduated from UW-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in political science, a Master’s degree in Social Work and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education Leadership and Policy Analysis. Lane has previous work experience in health care and in nonprofit administration. Lane has assisted teaching courses in the Social Work program at UW-Madison and has worked on various research projects regarding education disparities for youth from traditionally marginalized populations and connections to health outcomes. Most recently this involved a research project with the local nonprofit organization, GSAFE, gathering data regarding the school experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming youth in Wisconsin and assisting in the development of education policy design in order to better support these students.