Jill Jacklitz

Credentials: MSSW

Position title: Professor

Email: jjacklitz@wisc.edu

Picture of Jill Jacklitz

Jill serves as the Executive Director at Disability Rights Wisconsin.  She is a life-long advocate who is passionate about health justice.  Jill’s career patient includes professional and personal experiences in patient and systems advocacy, non-profit management and teaching. After receiving a Master’s degree in Social Work from UW-Madison, Jill worked in child advocacy and community health as a lobbyist, community engagement educator and organizational leader in non-profit and health care organizations.

Jill teaches Advocating for Patients in the Fall Semester for CPP.

Growing up, Jill was introduced to advocacy by her mother who demonstrated a powerful example fighting for the rights of people with developmental disabilities. A half century ago Ohio did not provide the opportunities for her son to live a healthy and productive life in his community so Jill’s mother started community-based programs and fought for legislative change.

In her volunteer time Jill serves on the policy committee of the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition and on the board of the Meadowood Health Partnership. When she is not working in health advocacy Jill enjoys weaving, gardening, and baking fancy cakes. She lives in Madison with her partner, two dogs and three chickens and loves facetiming with her two grown children.