Madison Wynn

Position title: Research Specialist


Picture of Madison Wynn

Madison is a trained public health researcher, working for the Q-HER research team at the Center for Patient Partnerships. Her focus is on patient-centered care and including patient voices in the development, training for and provision of care. Madison believes in the power of elevating voices as a means of addressing discrepancies in health care. Madison connects research back to communities through actionable dissemination tactics that focus on meeting people where they are. Madison is currently working on projects that focus on Patients’ Experiences with Breast Cancer; Genomic Medicine and Hereditary Cancer and Cancer Risk; Clinical Trials; establishing a digital presence for the Health Experiences Research Network; developing and maintaining project IRB applications.

As a public health graduate student, Madison’s practicum was with the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin, where she focused on stakeholder engagement to get data beyond academic institutions and into the hands of communities. After receiving her master’s degree, Madison worked at the Waisman Center, where she was a researcher for the CDC’s Wisconsin Surveillance of Autism and other Developmental Disabilities System program.