CPP Co-Directors Present on Shared Leadership in Campus Showcase

Jill Jacklitz and Sarah Davis were invited to the Office of Strategic Consulting’s annual Showcase event, an opportunity for colleagues from across UW–Madison to come together and share best practices, learn from each other’s successes, and connect.  They presented on their experience as Co-Directors of CPP. “Grounded in anti-racism, feminist, and equity practices, the co-directorship model reimagines organizational power, cultivates innovation and shared decision-making across an organization, and yes, even leads to more efficient decision-making.”  The presentation was well-attended with colleagues around UW-Madison involved in many different models of shared leadership. Today, academic leaders are being asked to address complex issues in an ever-changing environment. Emerging practices in shared leadership offer opportunities to consider new models, like co-leadership. We shared co-leadership fundamentals, examples of different models, and  tools for planning, implementation, and assessment.

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