Davis contributes to NQF Action Team on Co-Designing Patient-centered Health Systems

Sarah Davis headshot

CPP Co-director and Clinical Professor of Law Sarah Davis joined experts and recognized leaders from the private and public sector committed to engaging patients as active partners to improve quality and patient safety within health systems.

The National Quality Forum is a nonprofit membership organization advocating for innovation in health care quality improvement.

Through a series of web meetings and one in-person forum, the NQP Action Team developed and shared priorities, goals, and promising practices to inspire action in others.

The panel identified strategies to address the following issues:

  • Misaligned organizational culture and commitment, and limited buy-in and support from key stakeholders across the spectrum of care, limits the ability for organizations to embed co-design within their cultures
  • Competing priorities and inadequate resource allocation results in limited support for co-design
  • Reluctance and uncertainty about how to effectively engage patients, families, and caregivers in new ways leads to a lack of transparency, resistance to change, and the continuation of an unsatisfactory status quo
  • Inadequate communication and outreach among diverse populations and representative patients interferes with meaningful engagement and building trust with patients, family members, caregivers, peer advocates, and community-based organizations
  • Insufficient organizational educational plans, including not co-designing the education initiatives themselves, hinder promotion of patient participation in co-design activities and perpetuate a lack of organizational understanding of what patients, families, and caregivers want and need
  • Difficulty of demonstrating impact because organizations do not know how to measure specific outcomes of co-design makes it challenging to show value to funders, leadership, staff, and other key stakeholders
Read the full article at: https://www.qualityforum.org/ProjectMaterials.aspx?projectID=91008