Directors’ note: Summer 2020

Co-directors Sarah and Jill with Masks

As we move into a new decade of advocacy and education, we are reminded of the fragility of our systems of care–and of the resilience of so many people who navigate them. The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened even the basics of health care access for millions of people, exposing the need for sound leadership laser-focused on achieving health equity and justice.

As we pass the half-way mark of 2020, we pause to offer some insights around “reinventing advocacy education” that we will hope prove useful to your own processing of disruption. We invite you to learn more about our shift to a shared leadership model at the center, how our students have stepped up to advocate remotely, and the ways our advocacy work continues to expand in new ways.

For two decades the Center for Patient Partnerships has prepared emerging leaders to take on complexity. Our approach–in a classroom or online–grounds students in reflection, listening, and empathy that strengthens one of the key elements found in successful 20th-century leaders: self-awareness. 

Our students – future physicians, lawyers, social workers, and pharmacists –  learn directly from clients as they navigate complicated challenges that emerge within healthcare, benefits, and insurance systems.  As we assist patients seeking safe, necessary health care options, we also share patients’ stories with policymakers – ensuring that policy responses consider the experiences of people in crisis.  

Join us on this path by learning with us, contributing to our work, or following along on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Our very best,

Sarah Davis and Jill Jacklitz