Our statement on racial justice

BLM signCPP Statement on Racial Justice

We stand in solidarity with those fighting for justice following the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Manuel Ellis, Tony Robinson and countless other Black lives lost at the hands of law enforcement. Inequities in health care, and in the places we live, learn, and work have resulted in the deaths of millions of Black people. Systemic and historical injustices have led us to this moment.

We say unequivocally that racism undermines health in every imaginable way. We see health justice work as essential to the future we want.

As health advocates, we work to ensure that humanity remains at the heart of the health care experience. As citizens of this country, we are also called upon to ensure that humanity exists at the heart of every function of our society. Black lives matter. We see patient advocacy work as an opportunity to bridge one of the many gaps in our system, so people can speak their truth and tell their stories.

As teachers, we reflect with students that “the form of protest is never acceptable to the oppressor” and that history offers many examples of how different actions have resulted in transformational reforms. Direct action has a long history in health and environmental justice movements; we recognize the immense power and need for direct action to elevate the urgency of our collective response. If not now, when?

The Center for Patient Partnerships commits first to listen to the voices of our Black and Brown community leaders and then to actively engage in the work that is necessary to bring about equity and justice.

We are dedicated through our teaching, research and advocacy to hold ourselves and others accountable. We will partner with other organizations that share our values and work together to fight racism. Action will be our priority; we welcome your input and partnership.