Rachel Grob to Chair DIPEx International and Continue ‘Patient Experiences with COVID’ Research

Rachel to Chair DIPEx International and Continue Patient Experiences with COVID Research

Rachel Grob, Director of our Action Research team, has been elected Chair of DIPEx International,  a unique global collaboration of scholars, clinicians, and patients committed to enriching our understanding of people’s experiences of health, healthcare and illness and bringing that new knowledge into the world.  

By adhering to a common set of qualitative research methods across countries, health conditions, and patient populations, DIPEx International contributes distinct insights by facilitating conveying patient and caregiver experience directly to patients, families, caregivers and clinicians; advancing scholarly insights into patient experience; supporting a global network of scholars who advance qualitative health research; and creating a repository of qualitative evidence.  

Grob and colleagues from DIPEx International, Weggi, Switzerland, May 2022.

Rachel and colleagues around the world have been working on a global study of experiences with COVID-19. While at the recent convening of DIPEx International in Weggi, Switzerland, Grob, with CPP colleagues Madison Wynn and research fellow Jane Evered presented “Long COVID in the USA: Actionable Insights for Healthcare Providers” based upon interviews with patients in America.  Findings from the global study are set to be published in a special issue of Social Science and Medicine: Qualitative Research in Health, 2022-23. Rachel and UW-Madison colleagues just received additional funding to create short educational films to share actionable insights with Wisconsin primary care providers.