Seamless COVID Response Through Collaboration With the Meadowood Health Partnership

Undergraduate Resource Navigators meeting with Coordinator Lane

During COVID we formalized a strong partnership with Meadowood Health Partnership, a small but mighty community health initiative,  developing creative ways to tackle the barriers that COVID placed on our clients.  Through this partnership, Our Resource Navigator program tirelessly and seamlessly provided resources and much needed information to the patients we serve.  “Together, we did not let COVID interrupt our services,” declared Sheray Wallace who founded MHP and also works in our Resource Navigator program as our Community Resource Educator.  From the start of COVID through the present day we have provided essential resources to 750 clients in the Madison community. Students worked remotely and Sheray delivered supplies. This collaboration demonstrating the effectiveness of the UW and a grassroots community organization coming together to make an impact.  Thank you Sheray, Lane Hanson, Community Engagement Coordinator, Kabir Bedi, our 2020-21 HealthCorps member.