CPP’s Rachel Grob launches New Qualitative and Health Experiences Lab

Through CPP’s enhanced partnership with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health (DFMCH), our National Initiatives team has launched the Qualitative and Health Experiences Research Laboratory (Q-HER Lab).  Housed at DFMCH, the Lab will deepen CPP’s substantial portfolio of health experiences action research.  Topics we are exploring at the moment include experiences with Long COVID, with clinical trials, with medical mistakes, with multiple sclerosis, and with various kinds of cancer. We share our work via the web, via “catalyst films” designed to spark improvements in care, and via presentations and publications.

The lab is a valuable addition to DFMCH, as shared by Vice Chair for Research Bruce Barrett, MD, PhD:  “Dr. Grob brings qualitative and mixed methods expertise to the DFMCH research enterprise and innovative resources to support investigation of the experiences that patients have in their interactions with the health care system—a hugely important and terribly neglected area of research and advocacy.” 

Our lab also mentors students, colleagues at the DFMCH and collaborators,  and serves as a national and international hub for health experiences research.  Read more here.

Rachel Grob, Director of the Q-HER Lab, recently presented at a global health forum focused on Long COVID; check it out here.