Action Research

Patient experiences matter.

Many factors, including cost, efficiency, quality, and outcomes, influence the way health care is delivered. Unfortunately, patient experiences often remain conspicuously absent from efforts to redesign care. Without these insights, the U.S. health care system will not become truly patient- and family-centered.

To fill this gap, the Qualitative and Health Experiences Research Lab systematically documents patients’ experiences, in their words, on their terms. Working with partners in the U.S. and internationally, our research team captures deep insights from patients and caregivers to identify patterns where health care delivery falls short and where health systems can build on existing strengths.

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Our research

Filling a gap during COVID-19

Our team is working with partners around the country and around the world to adapt our qualitative research methodologies for on-line implementation.

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Health Experiences USA

Our research brings patients’ voices to American health care. We seek to describe the widest possible range of individual experiences from patients' points of view.

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Training partners, shaping curricula, to elevate patient experience

Our training efforts help ensure we can scale our efforts to meaningfully capture insights from patients and caregivers.

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Promoting Health System Innovations

Through unique partnerships, our research-driven projects help influence system improvements in real time.

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