Research team fills gap during COVID-19

research placeholder iconThe CPP research team has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in two major ways.

Global Health Experiences with COVID-19 Module. As part of an international initiative to understand people’s experiences of care during COVID-19, our team is moving as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to conduct pilot research.

We are conducting interviews on behalf of the Health Experiences Research Network USA team, interviewing patients about their experiences with COVID-19 within the context of American health care. These stories will be compiled with those from 10 other countries to provide a rapid-response resource on patients’ experiences globally with COVID-19.  

Narrative Patient Experiences with COVID-19 and Telemedicine. Our team pivoted to submit a supplement to an existing grant funded by the US Agency for Health care Research & Quality (AHRQ).

If accepted, the project will focus on collecting a large sample of rigorously elicited patient narratives from New York City, to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients’ experiences with primary care practices and on the ability of primary care practices to meaningfully improve care based on narrative feedback.